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Vegan College Cafeteria Options

So, the college that I go to is not very vegetarian or vegan friendly, as is the case with some places. I'm a senior, and have been cooking my own food for the last 2 years, but the situation is still a problem for the other veg*ns on campus. I'm a part of our Animal Rights Club and we've been talking to the cafeteria managers for what seems like forever, and we finally have a new cook who is very willing to work with us. She has asked us for lists and recipes of possible vegan meals that could be made for the cafeteria. I thought of some ideas, which I've listed below, but I thought I'd reach out to you all too!

- vegetarian chili
- any vegetarian soups or stews (minestrone, etc)
- burritos/fajitas w/ beans (pinto/black or refried), mexican rice, veggies, etc.
- grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches w/ toppings
- veg. sloppy joes (using either lentils or soy crumbles, there are lots of recipes for this)
- pasta primavera
- veg. shepard's pie (using either lentils or soy crumbles, again, lots of recipes)
- hummus and veggies in a pita (hummus all the time at the sandwich line?)
- veggie lo mein or veggie fried rice
- asian stir fry w/ tofu and veggies

So, everyone, whether you go to a great vegan friendly campus or just have ideas, please offer them to me!
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