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Are Vulcans vegetarian or vegan?

I'm sure this is a pretty frivolous post but I've often wondered about it, and I'm sure lots of other people might have too.

As the title might suggest, I'm a huge Star Trek fan. (I've only seen TOS and TNG in their entirety though.) It's said that Vulcans are vegetarian but no where, that I have seen in any of the episodes (and I've seen them all, but only a couple movies) does it say they are vegetarian or vegan. It's simply implied heavily in a few episodes. (IE the one where Spock is ashamed of eating flesh.)

I have been thinking about this because Peta (I'm not too fond of Peta but I like Peta2) has a shirt out that says "Vulcans are vegan" and I really love it because A) I'm a vegan and B) I'm a Trekkie. But my boyfriend (who is the biggest nerd/Trekkie ever) argues that they are vegetarian and thus me buying that shirt would be false advertisement. I personally believe it's open to interpretation...I also think that Vulcans would find using other beings for their own nutritional needs to be illogical.

What do you think?
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