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Holiday Card Time!!!!

Hello there, my beautiful friends!  If you are interested in any sort of holiday card (and I mean any holiday), please PM me your address, and I will send you one!  Unless you are already on my list and you probably know who you are!  Unsure?  Let me know!  Of course all my cards are vegan and ethical.  Do you feel like you need more information about vegan and ethical card companies?  Let me know and I will send you some info, even you do not wish to exchange a card!

Or just send me a card and I will send one back at
Stephanie Lane Martin
PO Box 155
Lexington, KY 40588-0155

Happy Holidays!  Sending good vibes your way!
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Relationships with non-vegans... I'm so upset :(

Hey guys. I had an argument today and another one yesterday with my vegetarian boyfriend where he turned out to be a MUCH bigger speciesist than I thought he was. He said that what I do is much worse than participating in the animal industry; namely, that my having intense negative emotions (like being pissed off) that he can feel, looking at him with intense eyes when I'm angry, and that I can be selfish are worse. Worse. Worse than animals being tortured and killed. Like WTF? And I admit that I can be selfish, but at least I'm unselfish enough have thought about my actions and became vegan accordingly, unlike him. He refuses to even talk about these things. And I'm well aware that I can be selfish, while he is point blank refusing to even think about the animals' suffering. I don't know that one should compare selfishnesses (it's a word now), but... actually, HE should compare them, because my not wanting to always share whatever or wanting to be bothered to do stuff for him (the only ways I can think of that I'm selfish) is like fucking NOTHING compared to the horrors he supports. For entirely selfish reasons. (The only thing that can be said for him is that he has a special needs child and eating bread with eggs, cheese and butter is fast - but it's not like eating bread with tahini, peanut butter and say a chickpea omelette is much slower.)

Another killer argument was, "I don't kill them myself." No, you just pay someone else to do it for you, participating in the worst capitalist system ever that's the single biggest reason the planet is being destroyed, while also preaching about the evils of capitalism all the time. Never pegged him for a hypocrite either. He also said that he's more moral than I am. Uh, okay. Next time we have an argument I'll just go outside and pay someone else to skin a live cat so he doesn't have to face my emotions, and then we can all be happy 'cause hey, at least I chose the lesser of two evils. Fucking bullshit.

Basically I'm wondering what you all would do, and looking for support. There is still hope that he will become vegan; he said once that he has been thinking about it for the sake of the planet. That would be excellent, though it's still beyond my understand how he can just not care about the poor animals. He's otherwise one of the most stand-up individuals I've met; intelligent, kind, honest, but with this, he seems to have a major blind spot (or he just really doesn't care about animals, except the cute cats and dogs that are human companions). And it's upsetting me so much. We've been together 5 years and only now did I hear what he truly thinks. Well, not surprising, considering he has immediately shut down all discussion about animal rights before.

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What's the deal with people who feel they "need" to eat meat?

Many people admit they can't give up eating meat because it's too deeply ingrained a habit, and as long as meat and fish are sold, they'll gladly partake. Some even like to catch and kill their own meat and fish, and cite the "primal" feeling they get from the juicy deliciousness of it.

More than ever, I hear that there's no nutrient, not even vitamin B12, that can't be gotten from vegetable sources. I understand that people's dependence on meat—and dairy—is largely cultural, and "needing" meat is a result of choosing to get their nutrients from animal—not vegetable—sources. So what's the deal with the disconnect people have regarding "I love animals; they taste great!"

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Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?


This was a good article to wake up to; I've suspected it for years, even as doctors recommend I eat fish and take fish oil supplements.

Have people here found doctors who think you're doing the right thing, nutrition-wise? A lot of people are surprised that at my age I don't eat dairy and am not keeling over from osteoporosis. I may still, but I often wish I could do more than preach to the choir.

Oh and look! Another! Is Fish Oil the New Snake Oil?

And another! Fish Oil Or Snake Oil? Study Questions Omega-3 Benefits

From the "Well" blog in the New York Times: Fish Oil Claims Not Supported by Research

Over the years, people have criticized my sources, saying they're not mainstream enough. But Forbes! The New York Times!
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Please support Afro-Vegan cookbook rather than Thug Kitchen. Here’s why:

Please support Afro-Vegan cookbook rather than Thug Kitchen. Here’s why:

”Bryant Terry is a chef, educator, and author renowned for his activism to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system. Bryant’s fourth book, Afro-Vegan was published by Ten Speed Press/Random House April 2014. Just 2 months after publication, Afro-Vegan was named by Amazon as one of the best cookbooks of 2014. In December it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Literary Work category.

If you want a taste of culture-rich, ethnic and truly vegan food, (Thug Kitchen uses honey in some recipes), without the culture appropriation and perpetuation of negative and racist stereotypes about an entire community, consider getting Afro-Vegan.” ~ Hugo Dominguez

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What do you think?

Now, I know there are far more vegan-bashers than vegans—apparently vegans still only make up 3% of the total population of the world—but this was posted by an LJ user named harvey_rrit:
"PETA would like to kill us all.

Fortunately their brains are stunted from lack of taurine."

He claims eating beef can improve people's decision-making abilities, referencing India as a country that's fucked up because they won't kill cows.

Anyone feel like posting a rebuttal?

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My sister and I made the decision to go vegetarian when I was just 11 and she was 12 (I don't even want to think about how long ago that is at this point, thank you very much), and then I made the move towards veganism at the age of 15, but she was not willing to make that step, unfortunately. Time has passed, and she is now the mother to my more-or-less wonderful nephew. He has been raised in her vegetarian ways, but now that he is going through adolescence, he has started hinting that he is thinking about going omnivore. I have, in an attempt to disuade him from this awful decision, started taking him to the gym and showing him just how awesomely powerful one can be on the vegan diet (not bragging, but I have been known to lift some serious amounts, LOL). He doesn't seem to be catching on to this helpful influence. What can I do to stop him from making this awful move?!?!?????
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How to defend yourself on the internet?

I notice without exception that if you bring an unpopular opinion to a discussion group, the other users will dogpile on you and bully you without allowing you to speak your piece. They generally gang up and will say as a last retort: "Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave!" [This has happened to me in more than one community at LiveJournal, and stunned me at what jerks people can be under cloak of relative anonymity.]

I've mentioned here—but well over a year ago—that my terrier and two cats were all vegans and doing well with the diet. (The cats, naturally, were being fed a carefully-supplemented diet including VegiCat pHi to keep the pH of their urine low.)

Well, the dog still is vegan, and is healthy, but one of my cats—named Tripod—developed a recurring sore that kept losing hair; by the time the sore was the size of a quarter, I took him to the vet, who put the fear of god in me for choosing to feed him anything but meat, and I relented and figured I'd try feeding him canned meat-based cat food in order to see if the hair grew back. [I know there's not a veterinarian in town that will recommend a vegan diet for cats under any circumstances, so I knew from the start I was on my own with this. It took me about a year to fully transition Tripod to vegan because I was so hesitant.]

The other cat—Stacy—refuses to eat her vegan kibble, naturally, when she sees Tripod get the Good Stuff™, so for the time being they're both being fed the same canned venison and rabbit—it turns out Tripod is also allergic to poultry, which touches off the reaction—but for now they're both eating heartily and Tripod's hair is growing back. I haven't closed the book on transitioning at least Stacy back to vegan, but I'm not in a hurry.

Here's a video of brilliant Tripod opening the bathroom door:

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