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I'm about to die for a Cadsbury Cream Egg. I know this is a longshot,… 
27th-Mar-2005 07:51 pm
I'm about to die for a Cadsbury Cream Egg. I know this is a longshot, but do they make a vegan version?
27th-Mar-2005 09:36 pm (UTC) - are these the same things? ignore me if not...
well if you're really itching for them (and it seems like you are) this is a copycat recipe for the real ones fond on a couple sites:

Cadbury Eggs

1/2 C. light corn syrup
1/4 C. butter, softened (just sub vegan margarine, earth balance would probably be best)
1 t. vanilla
1/4 t. salt
3 C. powdered sugar
4 drops yellow food coloring
2 drops red food coloring
1 - 12 oz. bag milk chocolate chips (just get vegan)
2 T. shortening (make sure it's vegetable-I know specturm makes one)

Combine corn syrup, butter, vanilla and salt in large bowl. Beat well with an electric mixer. Add sugar, one cup at a time, mixing by hand after each addition. Remove about 1/3 of the mix and place in small bowl. Add yellow and red coloring and stir. Cover both mixes and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

When mixes are firm, roll a small ball from the orange filling and wrap around it a portion of the white filling that is twice that size. Form into the shape of an egg and place onto a cookie sheet that has been brushed with shortening. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Refrigerate 3-4 hrs.

Combine chocolate chips with shortening in glass bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Then stir and microwave another minute. Use a fork to dip each center into the chocolate. Place candy onto wax paper to dry. After 1-2 hours of chilling, dip each candy one more time and chill
27th-Mar-2005 09:41 pm (UTC) - Re: are these the same things? ignore me if not...
Ahh! Thank you so much =) I am absolutely addicted to these things.
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