September 18th, 2013

vegan replacement or alternative for surimi?

When I was in Japan, it was so hard to be vegan so I would sometimes have these surimi cakes. Now that I've been pretty much vegan for a month, (been doing the PRNC Vegan Kickstarts, I find them helpful to get back on track and STAY on track!) I find myself craving something similar with this texture...and a good source of protein that won't be too bloating. Do you guys recommend soy based things, like maybe tofu, even some tofurkey? Tempeh?

I'd love to hear thoughts and snack ideas! Thanks guys.
Recently I've seen coconut milk and coconut yogurt, never knew / believed such a thing could exist!! I'll have to try those soon =)

Vegan camping

Hi all! I'm going camping for the first time ever (in Utah) in a few weeks, and this will be not only my first time camping vegan, but first time camping period! I've been vegan for almost 12 years, but have no clue where to start when it comes to camping.

What kinds of foods do I bring? We won't have access to a fridge to keep things cold. We'll be there for 3 days. Suggestions please! :)