Noire (noire) wrote in veganpeople,

Does anyone know about Issey Miyake?

I adore Issey Miyake perfume, but have had trouble finding any information on whether they test on animals or not. They are on neither the "buy" nor the "do not buy" PETA list, so I've been avoiding them. I did find this post:
But of course I'm uncertain of the source. Without corroboration from a trusted source I'm not ready to take any random listing on the internet.

Still, it is recent, and I do like the fact that many companies ARE changing their policies and ARE learning that compassion is good for business. And I like rewarding them with my business (when I like their products) when they DO make this commitment.

So--does anyone have any better sources/information on Issey Miyake perfume? They appear to be independently owned...
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