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Petition Request

Hi everyone!

I've got a page on care2.com that I use on and off. Now, believe me, I know that care2 is heavily sponsored by the very corporations causing the problems that the site claims to be working against. But there are some good things about it, I guess (I do like the ecards and some of the petitions).

One thing they do is give you something called butterfly credits when you contribute to their online community, usually through posting replies and comments to the stories they post daily.

You can exchange these butterfly credits for "good" works - like, a certain number of credits can be redeemed to bottle-feed a kitten in need, or help provide water to people without clean water, or pencils for kids who need them for school. It's definitely a band-aid approach and does not address the systemic underpinnings of a society that prefers to spend money on war and offshore accounts rather than worry about clean water for the world or making sure kids are educated (educated kids mean they can stand up to the Man, after all).
So I get all that. But I make comments, and I get credits and I might as well use them.

However, one thing you can get credits for is raising an animal (gag gag) "humanely" for food. Of course this is totally fucked up on so many levels. So I started a petition to have care2.com remove that option and to split it into two: feeding a sanctuary animal and sending financial support to HIPPO or VegFam. It's a slow-going petition, so if you could sign it and pass it around I'd appreciate it.


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