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Needing an outlet

I just needed a place to express this and I knew people here would understand. From my latest blog post at <ahref=></a>. Thanks for reading. <3

Someone said to me, “People should treat people like their pets treat them.” I’ll extend that “all animals” and nod profusely.

Someone told me that if I were an animal I would be a mouse – reverent.

And lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of owl images – the wise light in the dark.

I also did a meditation involving the evocation of my animal spirit guide. A goat appeared and led me down a long hill to a tree where the words flashed, “and that’s all there is.” 

Maybe if we were that simple, and simply wise, we wouldn’t have all the jealousy, the fear, the competition. Fear of each other, fear of ourselves. If we lived to live and love we wouldn’t be so scared. We wouldn’t condition fear in others. We wouldn’t learn to shut down feelings. We wouldn’t know how to make it complicated.

We have so much to learn from animals. Hurting them dims our light and poisons our spirit. We’re hurting and killing beings of pure love. The planet weeps and weakens. Angels lose wingspan. A psychic sting spearheads the gut of our collective conscience. If they’re not okay, we’re not okay.

But we don’t see the connection. We see only separation – when in reality the worlds are intertwined. And when one of them dies, we suffer an undetected blow to the spirit, and before we know it, the sting has seeped into our dreams and reigned terror on our psyches. 

Compassion is simple. Animals teach us this. Animals model this. 

The heart-break is the complicated part. It is not natural to lose them this way and so its hard to wrap my head around it.

I feel grateful for my freedom tonight. And its been a rough night, but I’m still free. I don’t know that these animals can conceptualize freedom. What they know is what they’ve lived. And ahead of them the pit only gets darker. So freedom is probably akin to Plato’s cave.   

I go to this place when I need perspective. I am blessed with perspective because I am not captive.

When really aware, there is no peace. The gap doesn’t close. Its going on this very minute. No resolution. No reconciliation.

Having a particularly sad night. Going to keep hope though. This is going to change. It has to if enough people demand it. History has shown this. And one day, we will evolve toward being a planet where people say, “Can you believe people used to eat animals?” 

I am sad to live alongside the horror but grateful for the awareness and ability to choose otherwise.

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