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updated deodorant suggestions?

My one year veganniversary is coming up in a few weeks, though, so I figured I should finally ask about this: deodorant! The last post in the tag is from 2008 :( (I see Mitchum listed there, so I'm gonna see if I can find that somewhere next time I'm out, but I wanted to ask in case that also doesn't work!)

Years ago I bought a massive pack of Dove deodorant from Costco and I'm on my last one of those. I don't want to buy more when it runs out, obviously, but so far I haven't found a single vegan deodorant that works. I've tried a ton of them and I am always stinky within hours. I give them all a few weeks, thinking maybe my body will adjust but it doesn't happen. Even in winter when I'm not hot, I end up stinky. And, half the time, I walk around scratching my arm pits like a gorilla for a week after putting some on. I'm apparently allergic to something in a lot of these concoctions. I'm also allergic to tea tree oil so it can't contain that.

I know I've tried the trader joe's stuff, the Crystal roll-on, Lush's deodorant bars, baking soda (I think this is actually what I'm allergic to; it makes me break out in hives on its own), Alba's deodorant, Schmidt something? (I bought it on Food Fight's site, iirc), Tom's of Maine, Florere, and The Body Shop's brand. There have probably been more; I've been trying to use a lot of vegan products even since before I was actually vegan.

So, I need your strongest, best deodorant suggestions! I'm in the US, near Seattle, if that matters.
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