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Help for Buglarian Dogs and Dog Rescuer

Found an article on care2.com. It's kind of old - I have tons of emails I'm just slogging through right now - and came across it.

“Dogs here were always working animals, kept on short chains and it was illegal to keep them in the house,” Michelle Jones of K9 Rescue Bulgaria explains. “They were seen as dirty vermin; cats were seen as mousers, having to feed themselves and nothing more. Unwanted cats and dogs were either killed or simply thrown on the street. The result, hundreds of thousands of strays roamed the street, multiplying naturally.”

Only in the last few years has there been some evidence of baby steps toward a more humane culture, but for rescuers like Diane who confront the pervasive conditions of neglect, there simply won’t be a ‘slow day’ for the rest of their lives.

Bringing in another box with a puppy inside

The Rowles have made animal rescue a family affair, opening their self-bought animal shelter a couple years back with help from a handful of supporters. They operate their charity under the name Rudozem Street Dog Rescue and did the best they could at the the time, acquiring an old building and some land that could eventually become a pristine shelter and sanctuary. But the dogs and cats keep coming at a rapid fire pace. People tie their animals in sacks and hurl them at the gates of the shelter or leave them in the middle of the night, sealed in cardboard boxes. With no municipal support and no network of local foster homes to rely on, the Rowles are on their own and their only option is to open each box and bag and introduce themselves to the terror-stricken animals inside.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/mom-could-go-to-prison-for-being-too-poor-to-save-animals.html#ixzz2RxRusDqO

There's a link in the article if you think you can afford to send a donation; it's also a link to the page for her shelter.
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