On se niin väärin! (aprilstarchild) wrote in veganpeople,
On se niin väärin!

Help me pick shoes

Whoa, I haven't posted here in ages. o_O

So I recently became a mail carrier. Yay! I genuinely enjoy the job a lot of the time, I get to be outside and walking for most of the day.

But as it turns out, I have twisted/lightly sprained my right ankle twice in less than a month, just from walking on uneven lawns. I have an ankle brace, but it's really not that comfortable to wear while walking all day. I cannot keep twisting my ankle--it's excruciatingly painful and slows me down.

So I've decided to try wearing hiking boots instead. People wear them all day walking on rough terrain, after all. And they come with ankle support built in!

The shoes have to be black (or mostly black/dark colors) to fit the dress code. And I've found these: http://www.veganessentials.com/catalog/path-finder-hemp-hiking-boot-by-wicked-hemp--womens-black.htm

(ETA: Doesn't look like they carry them anymore, and neither does anyone else. ARGH.)

Has anyone tried them? Or have other ideas?
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