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Vegan People
Respecting All Animals
question on gelatin, vs. kosher gelatin? 
7th-Aug-2013 12:27 am
I've never been a huge yogurt fan, but i am so surprised to learn that a food that's usually entirely vegetarian, even, has 'kosher' gelatin added to it. i've seen it in some baked goods too, and wanted to know, does kosher mean it could be plant-based, i mean, come from some other source and not animal? is gelatin always meant that it derives from an animal source?

thanks you guys =)

also - i don't really like the taste of soy, and i'm allergic to all tree nuts. so almond milk is out, but what other non-dairy milks do you guys prefer?

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7th-Aug-2013 09:03 pm (UTC)
Rice milk is good, and a bit healthier than others, but it is thinner than soy and almond milk.
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