Josie Nemo (josie_nemo) wrote in veganpeople,
Josie Nemo

Vegan Wilderness Survival?

So, this has been on my mind for years now and so I thought I'd ask this community about it, since y'all seem active and friendly about stuff.

Okay, to preface this, I believe that wilderness survival vegan-style, is totally doable. However, I can't back that up with experience or links to other people's experiences. And that's what bothers me. Not because it makes me doubt the feasibility of vegan wildness survival, but because I think we're lacking in a valuable resource of collective knowledge.

Now, there are a lot of websites and YouTube channels with information related to wilderness survival that is applicable to vegans. Edible and medicinal plants, fire-making skill, shelter, even tracking (you don't have to harm what you track, animals can teach you a lot in the wilderness, such as where to find food and water or what to avoid, even how to minimize your impact on the local ecosystem), etc. Offline in the woods, there are survival courses that allow vegans, but those are still carnocentric.

If you feel like being ethical about things, you're not gonna want to go because of the exploitation. Even just have some moral fibre, you'll be bummed, probably even nauseous. And even if none of that applies, time is being wasted by being focused on learning things not relevant to us (unless you intend to abandon veganism at the first sign of danger, like the straw-vegan in the arguments about apocalyptic scenarios) and possibly not focused on learning other skills that might benefit us more (skills a carnocentric instructor might not know, even).

So I guess my question is multipart:
Does anyone know of any vegan-centric survival course/repositories of info?
Is anyone interested in making such a thing happen? I think it could be a cool blending of ancient skills and herblore along with modern knowledge.
Does anyone have any questions about such things?
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