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Vegan People
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verdict on soy milk? other lactose-free milk? 
21st-Sep-2013 07:30 pm
Hi all,

I hear mixed things about soy milk, and I'm not sure if I should have this as a dairy substitute or not. I'm still new to the diet / transition part of veganism, but being vegetarian all my life, the main things that I've had to work on are dairy. And sometimes it's strange to find for example, ice cream or yogurt containing egg or gelatin - so weird to me! Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on soy - IF I am not allergic of course, how many servings of soy milk is 'safe' or are the dangers of soy not true? It seems that for women it can be a danger, because it mimics the estrogen hormone, but I don't think I'm in any danger of that, or having excess estrogen...

Does the same go for other soy products, like soy beans, tofu? The only thing that's frustrating is the fact that, if I'm out, at say a café with friends, I have to pay extra for the soy milk in my coffee or tea, and I never understood that...

Anyway, I am allergic to tree nuts but I can handle coconut milk. I just wanted to incorporate soy milk more, but only if it was safe and healthy to do so. Thanks everyone!
23rd-Sep-2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
"the more you eat beans or vegetables the more your body will adapt and the gas and bloat will eventually go away"

That was not my experience. I quit being vegan after two years of being basically housebound due to the bowel problems caused by eating a lot of beans, nuts and veg. I now eat a limited range of veg and no beans/nuts/seeds/wholegrains (instead relying on small amounts of meat/fish and lactose-free dairy for protein) and my symptoms are a lot better.

Tofu was always fine though. I think it's because the bean fiber is removed in the processing. Maybe OP could try that? Are there any other processed-bean products that aren't fibrous?
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