the speed of dark (cynical_si) wrote in veganpeople,
the speed of dark

Vegan in Peru?

Hello, people who still use Livejournal. I checked the tags for this and found a couple somewhat helpful entries about managing a vegan diet in South America, but was hoping some people might have had more experiences to share since then.

My friend and I are planning a trip to Peru (just a week) in January. I am vegan and he is vegetarian. Rudimentary internet research indicates that vegetarianism isn't crazy easy there and veganism is downright challenging. My question goes out to anyone why has visited or lived there (or I suppose anywhere in South America) - how hard was it for you, really, to find vegan food? Did you bring any with you? (Trail mix, Clif bars, etc?)

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for any words of wisdom or experience.
Tags: travel-central america, travel-south america
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