franklanguage (franklanguage) wrote in veganpeople,

What's the deal with people who feel they "need" to eat meat?

Many people admit they can't give up eating meat because it's too deeply ingrained a habit, and as long as meat and fish are sold, they'll gladly partake. Some even like to catch and kill their own meat and fish, and cite the "primal" feeling they get from the juicy deliciousness of it.

More than ever, I hear that there's no nutrient, not even vitamin B12, that can't be gotten from vegetable sources. I understand that people's dependence on meat—and dairy—is largely cultural, and "needing" meat is a result of choosing to get their nutrients from animal—not vegetable—sources. So what's the deal with the disconnect people have regarding "I love animals; they taste great!"

[Also, may I ask who is maintaining the tags in this community? It would help if we were able to sort where the posts came from, and it seems a lot of the tags came off a list with no community input. Is this true?]
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