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Dogs in Hot Cars (Seriously, AGAIN!?)

Earlier this week, a small dog in Rhode Island died when it was left inside a car in the sweltering summer heat. Also, a woman in the same town was warned that she was teetering on a crime when she saved a pit bull from possibly the same fate.

Now, the North Carolina House of Representative has passed legislation that gives police, firefighters and other rescue workers the authority to break into cars if they see dogs or other animals in hot weather. It has been sent to the state’s Senate.

If it becomes law, authorities can enter a vehicle “by any reasonable means” when they suspect an animal is at risk for any reason, not just heat. There are local ordinances in North Carolina that already provide this authority, but Rep. Pricey Harrison, the Greensboro Democrat who sponsored the bill, saw the need to make it a statewide law.

More here:
Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/should-police-break-into-cars-to-save-animals.html#ixzz2ZgVirLIK


Kirkland Croissants?

Dumb question, but does anybody know if Kirkland/Costco croissants are vegan? I know croissants typically aren't, but I've stumbled across accidentally vegan ones before. I have a friend inviting me over for breakfast this Saturday and she asked me. I've been searching the google, but can't find a basic ingredients list. We have a backup plan (potatoes and soyrizo), but now I'm just really curious. I'm going to e-mail Costco as well. We'll see who figures it out first. :-P
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Transitioning whilst pregnant

After years of being vegetarian on-and-off, my husband and I have finally decided to properly commit to the change once we've moved out of my dad's house which is in a few weeks.
My main goal, though, is to ultimately go vegan. I know that plenty of women have had completely healthy pregnancies whilst vegan, but my question is about whether or not it's advisable/safe to actually transition from an omni diet to a full vegan one during pregnancy. I'm 25 weeks along (about 6 months), so I'm not having any morning sickness, so all of my food is actually staying with me now (thank god!).

Does anyone have any advice or references I could check out? Or perhaps give me an idea of how they were feeling physically whilst making their change?
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Help me pick shoes

Whoa, I haven't posted here in ages. o_O

So I recently became a mail carrier. Yay! I genuinely enjoy the job a lot of the time, I get to be outside and walking for most of the day.

But as it turns out, I have twisted/lightly sprained my right ankle twice in less than a month, just from walking on uneven lawns. I have an ankle brace, but it's really not that comfortable to wear while walking all day. I cannot keep twisting my ankle--it's excruciatingly painful and slows me down.

So I've decided to try wearing hiking boots instead. People wear them all day walking on rough terrain, after all. And they come with ankle support built in!

The shoes have to be black (or mostly black/dark colors) to fit the dress code. And I've found these: http://www.veganessentials.com/catalog/path-finder-hemp-hiking-boot-by-wicked-hemp--womens-black.htm

(ETA: Doesn't look like they carry them anymore, and neither does anyone else. ARGH.)

Has anyone tried them? Or have other ideas?

'Yoghurt' definitions and labeling

There's a brand of coconut (COYO) yoghurt in Australia that is fairly new. Early on they said the yoghurt was vegan but it wasn't, and they acted quite well upon being told so and quickly changed it. They seem like an okay company, and their products are alright.

Anyway, yesterday I heard they put out the following announcement:

Dear Customers,

Over the following weeks the labels on our products will be changed.

We have been advised by the Queensland Government Health Department who are responsible for policing the Food Safety Act 2006 that CO YO Corporate Pty Ltd are in breach of the Act in terms of product labelling.

They have advised us that CO YO Coconut Milk Ice Cream and CO YO Coconut Milk Yoghurt do not comply with the Food Safety Act 2006 and its definition of Ice Cream or Yoghurt.

In part the Act defines milk quote
"Milk means the mammary secretions of milking animals"

Because we use coconut milk we are unable to call our products by their current name. This has meant that we have had to organise new labels for our products which are now known as

CO YO Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative
CO YO Coconut Milk Ice Cream Alternative

Currently we are labelling yoghurts with a sticker that identifies these product as Yoghurt Alternative and Ice Cream Alternative (new labels are currently being processed).

My reaction to this? 'FGBUHDFGTSBUP!'

So, in short, Queensland law defines milk in a certain way, and therefore products commonly milk based (?) must contain dairy milk (?), and therefore because COYO use 'coconut milk'(?!) they can't call their products 'yoghurt' or 'ice cream'.

This sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. I mean, apart from the initial premise, the logic of the argument as it appears in the brief (which may be simplified and cut out important info) is extremely flawed.

The way I read this is that COYO got a notice about this and, thinking they're a small company and can't afford to fight a simple labeling issue in court, chose to comply. Which is sad.

It reminds me of a few years ago when the US dairy industry (I'm guessing, but my memory is fuzzy) tried to stop soy/rice/almond milk etc from using the word 'milk' - but that campaign ended pretty quickly because nobody took it seriously.

Now I have to put up with seeing 'yoghurt alternative' written on the shelves of my local co-op, furthering the common idea that foods made without dairy aren't 'real'.

Thanks, Queensland.

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(no subject)

I just posted a parody letter for today's Ag-Gag blogging event. I haven't blogged in a long while, but felt compelled to do this because the issue is as much about civil rights as it is about animal rights, and about corporate power intertwined with politics as it is about anything else. I had some trouble coming up with something new to say - I'm sure the other bloggers have all said pretty much the same things.


Here it is, if you want to read it.

Vegan Wineries in France

I'm going to be in France in late August, and was wondering if anyone might know of vegan wineries that one can tour or do tastings at. Any french wine drinking info would be useful - My partner has only become vegan in the past 12 months, and was a bit into the fancy wine stuff before that, so I know they would feel at least a little bit dissapointed if we went to paris and they didn't get to drink some french wine (I'm guessing fresh french vegan cheese will be a bit harder to acquire). Thanks!
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Help for Buglarian Dogs and Dog Rescuer

Found an article on care2.com. It's kind of old - I have tons of emails I'm just slogging through right now - and came across it.

“Dogs here were always working animals, kept on short chains and it was illegal to keep them in the house,” Michelle Jones of K9 Rescue Bulgaria explains. “They were seen as dirty vermin; cats were seen as mousers, having to feed themselves and nothing more. Unwanted cats and dogs were either killed or simply thrown on the street. The result, hundreds of thousands of strays roamed the street, multiplying naturally.”

Only in the last few years has there been some evidence of baby steps toward a more humane culture, but for rescuers like Diane who confront the pervasive conditions of neglect, there simply won’t be a ‘slow day’ for the rest of their lives.

Bringing in another box with a puppy inside

The Rowles have made animal rescue a family affair, opening their self-bought animal shelter a couple years back with help from a handful of supporters. They operate their charity under the name Rudozem Street Dog Rescue and did the best they could at the the time, acquiring an old building and some land that could eventually become a pristine shelter and sanctuary. But the dogs and cats keep coming at a rapid fire pace. People tie their animals in sacks and hurl them at the gates of the shelter or leave them in the middle of the night, sealed in cardboard boxes. With no municipal support and no network of local foster homes to rely on, the Rowles are on their own and their only option is to open each box and bag and introduce themselves to the terror-stricken animals inside.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/mom-could-go-to-prison-for-being-too-poor-to-save-animals.html#ixzz2RxRusDqO

There's a link in the article if you think you can afford to send a donation; it's also a link to the page for her shelter.
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Vegan (fair-trade) sports bra?

I'll be having a breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks and one day, and I need a sturdy, comfortable sports bra for healing (and high impact sports in the distant future, hopefully). I might be willing to hope that if it's a color that isn't new, like black or white, they haven't gone and dropped the dye in rabbit eyes to see if it's harmful. A lot of the bras are also saying "tested for harmful substances," which I'm sure means animals testing. I NEED to buy a pair, and finding a second-hand, super-sturdy, fitting sports bra with such short notice... yeah, right.

I found this: https://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/store/ars/item/33675/seamless-comfort-purple-paw-sports-bra?source=10-97809-1, does anyone know if that's any good and if they use plant dyes without animal testing?

P.S. I'm in Sweden, so US-centric advice... not very helpful! I really hope you can help me. I don't want to buy rabbit-eye-tested things, but I will if I can't find anything else.

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