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hi, i'm not sure if this is allowed here. if it's not, just leave a comment to let me know and i will delete this :)

i'm selling all my veggie cookbooks because i rarely make meals anymore that have more than a handful of ingredients. maybe you'll actually use them to make so many great delicious things instead of letting them collect dust like me.
$10 each or 3 for $25 plus shipping? i have tons of selling feedback on lj i can provide too thru my selling lj. thanks.
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Vegan Products in Berlin?

Hi All,

I have a friend in Berlin who will be visiting me here in Boston in about a week. I'm considering asking him to bring me back some vegan products that are available there but are not available here in Boston. Anybody have any favorites that they know of? It'd help if they're fairly easy to find - he's not vegan at all, so I don't want to send him on too much of a wild goose chase!

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updated deodorant suggestions?

My one year veganniversary is coming up in a few weeks, though, so I figured I should finally ask about this: deodorant! The last post in the tag is from 2008 :( (I see Mitchum listed there, so I'm gonna see if I can find that somewhere next time I'm out, but I wanted to ask in case that also doesn't work!)

Years ago I bought a massive pack of Dove deodorant from Costco and I'm on my last one of those. I don't want to buy more when it runs out, obviously, but so far I haven't found a single vegan deodorant that works. I've tried a ton of them and I am always stinky within hours. I give them all a few weeks, thinking maybe my body will adjust but it doesn't happen. Even in winter when I'm not hot, I end up stinky. And, half the time, I walk around scratching my arm pits like a gorilla for a week after putting some on. I'm apparently allergic to something in a lot of these concoctions. I'm also allergic to tea tree oil so it can't contain that.

I know I've tried the trader joe's stuff, the Crystal roll-on, Lush's deodorant bars, baking soda (I think this is actually what I'm allergic to; it makes me break out in hives on its own), Alba's deodorant, Schmidt something? (I bought it on Food Fight's site, iirc), Tom's of Maine, Florere, and The Body Shop's brand. There have probably been more; I've been trying to use a lot of vegan products even since before I was actually vegan.

So, I need your strongest, best deodorant suggestions! I'm in the US, near Seattle, if that matters.
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vegan hiking boots


i know this has been asked before, but i am having a ridiculous time trying to find decent vegan hiking boots. i have an old pair of garmonts, but they've been discontinued. (i'm awaiting a reply from the company to see if there's anything on their site i'm missing) does anyone know of any other brands out there that are decent? preferably with ankle support.


Wedding Menu

I have had a vegan wedding in the works for a year now. In the last two months, I have got a lot of things settled. I'm doing a lot of renting rather than buying in the vein of "reuse."

Max of 64 guests, so small.

Very few of them are vegan, a couple vegetarian, and the rest omnivore. Most of these people do not explore with their food options and I don't want partially eaten plates put down the waste basket and half my guests picking up McDonalds on the way home. There are also about 10-15 close family members that are very very much standard vegetable people from his side of the family. Potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, corn, carrots.

I do not want to pay prime dollar to a caterer so they can send out green beans in a little salt. Ya know?

So. I don't know what I want but I do know what I don't want.

--Fried Foods (Summer Wedding and oily makes me sick.)
--Fake Meats (only if I absolutely have to)

I feel like all that leaves is, to me, uninspiring standard italian fare (meh)

I really want to avoid fake meats because... I want people to eat a plant based whole foods dish. Processed crap may be ok for holidays and cookouts but this is a WEDDING. And then I don't know what replicates well.

Anyone got some ideas? It's in July 2013 but I'm wanting to get an idea of pricing because I am paying for everything with my own dime.

Edit Add: We are set on having an official dinner of two to three options. They get no choice about appetizers or dessert. So, no brunches or light lunches or "horderves only." I'm not just wanting to feed my guests; I'm also wanting to use food as a form of activism and show them in grand delicious style that "vegan" can fill you up and be amazing.

Synthetic VS Natural Dyes

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I guess I'm seeing it this way

Natural Dye
Pros: Non animal testing
Pros: renewable plant resources
Pros:Vivid colors that fade to still good colors
Cons: Not color "fast" so the fade occurs faster
Cons: More water usage
Cons: Heavy metal usage

Synthetic Dye:
Pros: No heavy metals
Pros: Less water usage
Pros:Color fast
Cons: Animal testing
Cons: Non renewable oil sources
Cons: Initial Vivid colors fade to "yuck"

Not really a question. Just sharing a story.
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US Residents: African Lions Need Our Help

Apparently, the US is the largest importer of lions and lion parts, and these animals are being decimated at an astonishing pace.

Please write to US Fish and Wildlife Services. You can sign petitions, but personally I feel this issue is too grave to stop there.

Information is below. Thank you.

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Wolves in Serious Jeopardy

Pretty much they are in trouble everywhere.

Here are a couple petitions you can sign and pass on to help wolves in Finland.

As always, if this issue moves you extra, feel free to send emails or faxes or hand-written letters as necessary. I'm not sure the petitions always have this information, but it should be fairly easy to find contact information on the websites of the people being petitioned.