Veg*n in Iceland, Denmark, Norway

Hey, all!

My vegetarian husband and I are headed to Sweden next summer, and want to tack on another adventure on our way. Because Iceland Air will let you stopover in Iceland for any length of time for no extra charge I thought Iceland sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be very many uh... vegetables in Iceland. Does anyone have any experience being vegetarian/vegan in Iceland? As a resident or visitor? We probably wouldn't want to just stay in Reykjavik the whole time. 

Other options include Denmark and Norway. If it'll work out food-wise I think I'd rather go to Iceland this time, but if you have any thoughts on Denmark or Norway that could be useful too.


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I just came across a comment on an old blog post saying that "proporn vegans" are hypocrites. It kind of blew me away because I've never even thought of porn in terms of veganism. Since I didn't see it in the tags or memories, I figured there haven't been any posts about it here. So I wanted to start a discussion on how you all view porn in terms of veganism (or whether you do at all).

Vegan Box Wine

Does anyone know of good vegan box wines? Barnivore doesn't seem to have a "sort by boxwine" function, so I just have to check every brand that pops into my head. So far I know that Big House and Corbet Canyons are vegan. I swear I found another brand one while having my husband read me labels while I was at home on barnivore (no smart phone!) but I haven't been able to find it again.  
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Nice Job, HSUS!

Last week, Humane Myth published “Happy Meatopia: How Conflict of Interest is Damaging Animal Advocacy.” This special report, with its accompanying video essay, exposes the disturbing behind-the-scenes reality of how the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is partnering with Whole Foods to create a new market for so-called “humane” animal products, along with promoting the farmers and retailers who offer these animal products to the public. The eight-minute video vividly captures how collaboration between animal protection groups and animal exploiters undermines efforts to achieve justice for animals.

Tyson SlaughterhouseNow, HSUS has announced that its president and CEO, Wayne Pacelle, is campaigning to join the board of Tyson Foods, one of the largest slaughterers of animals in the world. This multi-national animal-exploitation behemoth owns 54 chicken plants, 13 beef plants, and six pork plants, which slaughter 42 million chickens, 170,000 cows, and 345,000 pigs each week. According to a blog post by Mr. Pacelle, the idea seems to be that joining Tyson's board is a means of getting the company to stop using gestation crates for pigs, even though by his own admission, the bulk of the animal exploiting industry has done so already without having an animal advocacy executive join their boards.
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Horse Slaughter - Urgent Action Needed Today (Sept 26)

I got a couple emails today - I am posting links below, but mainly it is that the disgusting US Bureau of Land Management has rounded up yet another 50 wild horses and is set to kill them today.

The group that sent the action alerts is asking for phone calls to the Nevada governor, has a couple petitions to be signed, and of course, seeking money in order to buy the horses out of this situation and hopefully set them up on sanctuaries. I am opposed to buying any living creature, but because this seems so desperate, I'm not going to argue about that juts now!

Please read, sign, write and share:

Compassion to one animal may not be compassion to another

I was walking through a mall strip the other day and a gent had seen me consider buying my boyfriend a soda. We decided against it, but he caught that I had some ones, obviously, because he immediately came upon us and asked if we could "spare some money, he wanted to get some food." Well, maybe I'm just a sucker, but I always open my wallet and spare whatever cash I happen to have on me. (Which in the month of August, led to about $50 in random donations.)

As the bills pass from my hand to his, he says, "Yeah, just enough to get some burgers at {where ever}." And I immediately had the urge to snatch the bills back, even though I didn't.

I directly contributed to the buying of a beef burger.

I won't even buy vegetarian food for friends, I'd rather let them eyeball my food and complain then spend my own dime for something I'm passionately against.

And there I was, buying a damn burger for a hobo. And really, considering the subsidized cheapness of that food, it's possible that all of my donations thus far may lead to these people buying from the Dollar Menu of where-ever.

And that, in the month of August, I contributed to the buying of $50 of hamburgers.

This leads me to never want to contribute cash again. Do I say no? Do I start carrying bags of apples or vegan snacks around to give to these people? 

Honestly, I want to say no and tell them exactly why. That what they would most likely purchase wouldn't coincide with my personal beliefs. I'd feel guilty, hence the explanation, which in the end, just kind of sounds like I'm judging them.

What to do...?


I suppose my thought process ends up being thus; I am not directly contributing to creulty to the human animal by not giving them my spare change/cash although it may cause me to appear un caring. However, I may be directly contributing to the cruelty to non human animal by freely giving cash that could be used for such a thing.
I'm leaning towards a "No, but good luck," even if I have a few dollars on my person. Some people brought up some good safety points. Being mugged is much more likely as I'm peering into my purse or digging into a wallet. If they push forward and state they're hungry, I'd feel more comfortable buying them the object directly. There are conveneience stores on near every corner. I could buy them 2000 calories of pretzels or potato chips for the $3 I gave that guy. (Which, at most, garnered him 800 calories.)


Vegan Sewing...?

Saw no tags for sewing.

What are the parameters of vegan sewing? Concerning eco friendly factors of materials and the neccessary sewing machine and associated notions? I know the obvious stuff, like no silk/wool/leather and have avoided that stuff for years. 

Can any of the seamstresses on here share how hard it is to live within the parameters of what vegan sewing would be?

Can any of the seamstresses share the sources of where they order from for materials?

Also, for fellow seamstresses avoiding wool, what is a similar fabric that can be used to make a winter coat? Can I avoid a synthetic?

And this is very unlikely that anyone would be able to address this last question... I'm into corseting and know nothing of where the various steel materials would be coming from/how it's made/where I would get better sourced steel if regular sourced steel is the devil...? for this particular garment.

Even if it's just conjecture, I'd appreaciate thoughts even from the non sewers.

Thanks all!


I looked under crafts, and there was a similar question, but  no one answered it. They just bought her stuff ^u^
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Hi everyone! I'm hoping there might be some people from Chicago here to offer advice. My husband and I are heading there over the Civic Holiday weekend (August 2-5) from Ontario. We're staying near the University of Chicago. Are there some vegan places that I should definitely check out? We know about Native Foods and the Chicago Diner, but I was wondering if there's anything close to the university (we will likely be using public transit of some sort.) We were also hoping to save money by picking up groceries and eating in our room - any closeby vegan friendly grocery stores? Thanks for the help!