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What is a vegan?
A vegan is a person who avoids as far as possible the use of any materials produced by cruelty to animals or people for nourishment or for any other purpose. A vegan product is one that is cruelty free, which in practice generally means it should be free of all animal ingredients.

The word vegan, derived from VEGetariAN in 1944, when Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson created the Vegan Society, is commonly pronounced vee-gun by its adherents. Vegan is also as an adjective to describe people, diets, and food.

This is a Wikipedia definition.

Who Can Join?
Vegans and those who want help trying/starting to be vegan. We also allow those who just want to learn about veganism, even if they have no intention of becoming vegan.
The above people are more than welcome so long as they are respectful of community members and the concept of veganism. If disrespect (ie. namecalling or accusations) is witnessed, the party will be warned to cease the behaviour and removed if s/he does not comply. This includes those who profess to be vegan.
Other than that, welcome!

What do we not want to see here?
spam, solicitations and non-related community promotions.
for related community promotions, please utilize vegpromo.
We also do not want to see excessive rudeness, links to personal journals, and comment deletion.
Enjoy your stay.

Why Vegan? [International Vegetarian Union] [Vegan Outreach] [Vegan.org] [sugarrocket]
How to? [Vegan Outreach Starter Pack] [Vegan Basics (.pdf)]
Nutrition? [The Vegan Society] [Virginia Messina, MPH RD] [Vegan MD] [Vegetarian Resource Group]
[Calcium Myths] [PCRM] [Vegan Health Dot Org] [Andrews University]
[USDA Nutrition Calculator]
For Athletes: [VeganFitness.net] [Enette Larson, MS, RD, LD] [NutritionTips] [VeganAthlete.com] [ADK Sports & Fitness] [Mike Mahler] [VeganSports.com] [VeganMusclePower.com]
Recipes & Cooking? [vegancooking] (Many more cooking links on the info page.
And don't forget to check the extensive memories!.)
Shopping? [No Sweat! Apparel and Shoe] [Vegan Essentials] [Pangea] [Vegan Mercantile] [Animal Rights Stuff] [Herbivore] [PETA]
[Vegan Books (and more)] [DrugStore.com]
**[non-vegan companies buying out vegan companies]**
Ethical companies in general: [GreenPages.org] [ResponsibleShopper.org]
Eating Out [Vegan Restaurants.net (Restaurants and Fast food)] [HappyCow.net] [VegetarianUsa.com]
The following are user updated sites - If you have information, share it:
[VegGuide.org] [Wikipedia]
Alcohol? General Information & Listing of Vegan Alcohols: [1] [2] [US Beers] [UK Beers]
Milk & Cheese? [PCRM] [PETA]
Eggs? [VeganForLife] [FactoryFarming.com]
Honey? [Joanne Stepaniak] [The Vegan Society] [Vegetus]
Ingredients? [Vegan-Info.com] [IsItVeggie-UK] [IVU's List]
Leather? [Unreasonable.org] [Vegan Erotica]
Fur? [Fur Free Alliance] [PETA]
Wool? [Vegan Peace] [Joanne Stepaniak]
Silk? [Jo Stepaniak] [Vegan Society]
Want to suggest a link or report a broken one? Contact us (see contacts at bottom).

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If you want to see your community in this list, give us a shout
also, make sure to post on vegpromo.

Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?
Post a question at vpmods to discuss with us.
or send an e-mail to veganpeoplemods at gmail

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